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In Memory of Nala Louise

 In Memory of Nala Louise

Miss Nala Louise … aka Nahla Badala … Miss Thang … has crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Nala was adopted from Appalachian Pug Rescue, Inc. almost one year ago. I drove her all the way to SC to be with her furever Mom in early December. Although her life was much shorter than we had hoped, Nahla was very much loved every single day since I picker her up. From her foster mom to her furever mom and everywhere in between.

Run free, sweet girl. Give Mr. Bentley a hug from us.


Miss Nala Louise came into APR in July 2022 when her family surrendered her. Nala Louise suffered from severe dry and double entropion (bottom eyelids fold inward) which later evolved into having both of her eyes removed. She did not have any vision to start with, so we are sure the removal came as quite a physical relief!

She quickly recovered in her foster home. She was full of spunk and learned new ground quickly.

After much love and healing care from her foster family, it was time for Nala Louise to find her new home.

From Nala’s Family

Happy New Year from Miss Nahla (new home new name!) and her new fur-ever home in Greenville, South Carolina.  It’s been less than a month, but I’ve already learned the lay of the land – both inside and outside (even steps!).  Mom has already given me the nickname “Nahla Ba-Dahla” and even has a theme song for me – geesh!  I hate to brag, but mom says I’m highly intelligent, energetic and in great shape for a puggie.  

I’m still trying to figure out where I fit into the “pecking order” in the family between my canine brother (Mr. Beckett) and my feline sister (Myers).  My foster family was right when they said I love my toys!  I can kill a squeaky toy in minutes and can even skin a tennis ball of its’ yellow felt covering!  I haven’t socialized at any outside doggie events yet as mom is still working on some mobility issues, but I can’t wait to meet some new puggie friends in the spring time.

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