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Meet Prince Winston Alastair

Winston Alastair – Adopted!

Winston was in a foster-to-adopt home. Would you like to foster? Apply today!

From Winston’s Adoptive Family: 

From the moment I saw Winston on Chris’s lap when they pulled into Dunkin Donuts, I fell immediately in love with this little man.  It was a tough two weeks at first with the language barrier, the discovery of eating good food and his night time aggression – which was pretty bad.  Obviously those kids tortured him at night. I couldn’t touch him when he was asleep – he was a little monster, and he had nightmares for a month and a half.  It took time, patience, discovery on both our parts, love and understanding, our trust with one another and most of all his decompression of his past, which is behind him now,   

He can’t be close enough to me in bed, is a bed hog, a snuggler, and the most loveable little pug.  He has his entire happy, fun-filled life ahead of him in a happy home.  I knew you had confidence in me to take this little guy in, and I thank you for trusting me.  I knew after communicating with you and hearing your support and trust in my willingness to do this for APR and that I had first dibs for Winston, I knew he would be mine.  I told him tonight with a special treat I bought him from the Pet Bakery at the Jersey shore – “Winston Boo Boo, I am now officially your Mommy!”  All a whirlwind of a ride, but the best one I’ve been on.  Another APR happy story! 

Winston’s Intake Bio: 
Winston Alastair came to our rescue in late April. One of the APR board members met him at a pug meetup. At that time, they learned that Winston Alastair had been removed from a home where he was being crated way too long, being tormented by children, and had a diet of table scraps. He was not good with the other dogs at the meetup. His reactions were fearful and unsure. It was very clear that he needed training, patience, attention, and love.

APR found the perfect no-other-animal foster home with a previously approved adopter. Winston Alastair is now learning what it is like to be the spoiled puggy that he deserves to be!

Did I mention that Winston Alastair is only 2.5 years old? And that he had only been to the veterinarian one time? Fortunately, he sees a rescue veterinarian on Monday. Please send your best puggy vibes for a great visit!
Winston Alastair is being fostered-to-adopt. No applications will be accepted at this time.

Are you interested in fostering? Let us know. We are always looking for no-dog and no-animal fosters for instances just like Winston Alastair.

Stay tuned for more chapters from Winston Alastair’s story…

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