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Happy Tails

Meet Prince Franklin Myers

Franklin Myers has been adopted. Happy tail coming soon!

  • Approx 2 years old
  • Fawn male pug
  • 20 lb

Prince Franklin Myers is a lovable pup who’s ready to bring some serious fun and joy to his new home. He’s house trained and gets along great with kids and other dogs. With his super sweet nature, Franklin Myers loves being around his people and soaking up all the affection.

Franklin Myers is eager to learn and is already getting the hang of commands like “sit” and “wait”. His playful side really comes out when he’s chasing a ball or working on a puzzle toy.

Franklin Myers is great with his toys and knows to leave the household items alone. But, he can be a bit territorial about his crate or bed and might growl if another dog gets too close to his space.

For anyone thinking about adopting Franklin Myers, having puzzle toys or a slow feeder will keep his clever mind busy. He’s also a big fan of fetch and chasing toys

Franklin Myers has that puppy-like energy with a heart of gold. He’s a joy to train because he’s so eager to please, and his playful nature means there’s never a dull moment. With a bit of patience and lots of love, Franklin Myers will fit right into any family. Adopt Franklin Myers today and get ready for endless adventures and unconditional love!

Franklin Myers will go to his furever home up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, and on flea/tick/heartworm preventions.

Get your applications in now!

  • Any children must be aged 5 or over
  • Be active
  • Make mealtime fun to slow down his “goldfish” behavio

  • Toys! Toys! Toys!
  • Window watching
  • Walks
  • Small tennis balls
  • Playing with humans – fetch or chase preferred
  • Hanging with dogs – he’s still learning how to play with them!
  • Belly rubs
  • Snuggling on the couch (no “no pugs on the furniture” households need apply for the Couch Snuggler!)

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