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Meet Princess Stella Cate

Adopted! Happy tail coming soon.

Stella Cate is a lovable pup rescued through a collaboration between The Pug Queen and APR who’s ready to bring abundant cuddles and smiles to her new home.

  • 2 years old
  • Female fawn pug
  • 17 lb
  • Fostered in Maryland

Stella Cate is 95% house trained and gets along great with kids and other dogs (as long as she can have some of her own personal space!). With her super sweet and eager-to-please nature, she loves being around people and soaking up all the affection.

Stella Cate is excited to learn and is already getting the hang of commands like “sit” and “stay”. Her playful side really comes out when she’s playing tug-of-war with her foster sister, or tossing her toys up in the air for herself! She is great with her toys and knows to leave household items alone. She shares and takes turns using the most desirable toys with her foster sister!

Stella Cate does get along well with other dogs, but she likes to rest and relax for most of the day, so it would be preferable to live with other laid-back dogs that can give her some space. Her current foster sister has puppy-energy and is frequently trying to instigate play-fights with her, and sometimes Stella Cate gets frustrated and will assert her boundaries!

Stella Cate is generally calm and laid-back with a heart of gold, but also gets very excited to see her humans and is constantly wagging her tail. She likes to spend her day snuggling, napping, going on walks, and receiving rubs and kisses.

She is good in the car and on planes. She is easy to train and gets a hold of new concepts quickly, but please be patient as she likes to take longer potty walks until she finds the perfect spot! With a bit of patience and lots of love, Stella Cate will fit right into any family.

Adopt Stella Cate today and get ready for endless adventures and unconditional love!

Stella Cate will go to her furever home up to date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and on flea/tick/heartworm preventions.

STELLA CATE’ MUSTS (NO exceptions):

  • Have children aged 5 or over
  • Receive lots of snuggles and physical affection
  • Sleep with you in bed (and basically follow you everywhere)


  • Walks
  • Bones to chew
  • Meeting new people outside on her walks
  • Throwing her head back to howl
  • Playing with humans – fetch or chase preferred
  • Belly rubs and neck/head scratches
  • Snuggling on the couch (no “no pugs on the furniture” households need apply for the Couch Snuggler!)

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