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Meet Prince Henry Maxwell

Henry Maxwell has been adopted! Happy Tail coming soon. 

Henry’s Happy Tail

We found out about Appalachian Pug Rescue at the perfect time. We had been hoping to find a second dog for a year and a half, always checking our local shelters’ sites for pugs or pug mixes, and never finding one. We didn’t want to buy from a breeder, so we searched “pugs to adopt” and found APR on Facebook.

Just a couple weeks later, we saw Henry Maxwell’s picture pop up. The first thing we noticed was that he looked a lot like a younger version of Frank, our 13-year-old pug mix. 

We read Henry’s profile and saw he could be a good fit for our family. We have a yard, we don’t have young children (just a 10-year-old boy who is very gentle with our current pets!) and we work from home and could give him the care and attention he needed. On top of that, it was clear his current foster home sounded a lot like ours, when it came to pets. He was living with a senior pug and house cats, which is what we have at our home. 

We applied for Henry and got an interview with APR. They called our vet and our references and after a few days, we were approved to adopt! We could tell APR put a lot of time and thought into what might be the best fit for a pug and their hard work has paid off, both for Henry (now Mac!) and our family.

Mac is such a smart dog, and very sweet and cuddly. We are thankful to his first family because we can tell they put a lot of energy into training him to sit, stay, and fetch. We hope they know he landed in a loving home. 

We also want to thank Mac’s foster family for keeping him safe and healthy during his transition time! Mac needs a LOT of walks to recover from a knee injury. It’s been great to see him improve each week.

Mac blended into our household pretty seamlessly. Frank is glad to have a friend after being an only dog for so long, and even our two big cats tolerate Mac the same way they do Frank. Our 10-year-old son is thrilled to have Mac, who has a lot of energy and plays with toys in a way Frank never does. We are very grateful to APR! Thank you for making our home complete!


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