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Alexia Ruby, young pug for adoption in pennsylvania

Meet Princess Alexia Ruby

Alexia Ruby is living her best life!

Ruby is settling in perfectly into our home and routine. She has quickly become glued to me – and every day we see more of her personality shine through. 

She spends the day during work hours next to me in her own little office area occasionally popping out for water or to be briefly picked up before going back to bed. At night she rotates between sleeping on my pillow to under the blankets. In the morning she is in absolutely no rush to get out of bed. 

She and her little brother Polu like to snuggle and play tug of war between snacks and walks on the trail by our house (as long as its above 60 degrees and there is no wind). She is an absolute delight and I am so happy and thankful she found her home here with us. 

We look forward to loving her and giving her a wonderful full life. The adoption process with APR was thorough and made me feel good about the entire process. They really go out of their way to make sure you are the right home, and that they are sending the baby to a secure and stable forever home which is most important! The foster family was also wonderful, kind and generous. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

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