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Leo Alexander

Meet Prince Leo Alexander

Prince Leo Alexander is adopted! Happy tail coming soon 

  • Approx 14 months old
  • Male fawn pug
  • 25 lb

Prince Leo Alexander is a sweet, energetic young pug! He is vaccinated, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Leo Alexander is waiting on his neuter appointment so can go to his forever home.

Leo Alexander loves people and other dogs. He loves attention and is a velcro pug who will follow you everywhere! He gets along well with his young, active fursister and tends to leave his older, grumpy pug foster brother alone. He stays well clear of cats (after getting a swat) and based on his behavior, we feel he would be fine with children.

Leo Alexander loves to fetch, play outside, and chase his fur sister, who is much faster than he is, though he is pretty fast!

He is housetrained and is on a routine.

Leo Alexander sleeps in a crate but would probably be happy to sleep in a bed as well. He is very energetic and needs a family who will play with him and keep him on a routine that involves walks and play time.

Leo Alexander’s MUSTS (NO exceptions):

A hooman(s) that is home more than they are not – preferably a work from home situation
A hooman(s) that will give him attention and lots of play time, including long walks and fetch time
A hooman(s) who knows I am a puppy who knows some things like sit and wait and leave it, but needs consistency to thrive

Leo Alexander’s WANTS:

I am looking for a hooman(s) to give me tons of love and cuddles
I would really like a fursibling who is active and wants to play with me. I would do better with an alpha sibling to remind me of the rules of polite society
I love outside time!

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