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Finnegan Royce
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Meet Sir Finnegan Royce

Adopted! Happy tail coming soon

Sir Finnegan Royce (Finn), was surrendered to APR when his family was unable to keep dogs in their rental.  

  • Male fawn altered pug
  • 17 lbs
  • DOB 5/1/2019
  • Available for adoption

Sir Finnegan Royce’s Story

Finn was surrendered to rescue when his family’s rental policy changed. Not only is he good with other dogs and cats, but apparently, per the surrender form, he is good with rabbits!

Finn came to us underweight and undernourished. His foster pawrents have been diligent to get him situated with the right diet with the proper nutrition. It is very evident in his healthy weight gain!

Finn carries two life-long problems that every potential adopter must be aware of before applying to adopt him.

1) He is positive for Lyme disease and Anaplasmosis. He is receiving his 30-day antibiotic treatment and he remains asymptomatic.
2) He has a corneal ulcer in his left eye (with no tear production) and reduced tear production in his right eye. These conditions require drops to be administered life-long. For now, he gets a drop in each eye every 12 hours. He has been such a good boy and his learned to be still and sweet when getting his eye drops.

Finn also came to us with allergies (source unknown), presenting itself as itchy skin. Cytopoint injections have helped! If it continues to alleviate his symptoms, then he will need an injection about every 4-8 weeks.

Finn still needs some work in the housetraining department. He is what you call a work in progress… stubborn pugs!

Finn is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and on monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventions, and has a clean bill of health.

Finn is an absolute sweetheart with everyone! He is leash trained and loves walking with other dogs. He loves to play and snuggle. Check out his videos!

Finnegan Royce’s MUSTS (NO exceptions):

* I need a family who can afford my eye drops. They are made in this special placed called a compounding pharmacy or something like that. And it costs about $1 per day. The family also has to agree to give them to me as prescribed (I promise to be the bestest boy for you) and check in with APR at least monthly with visual updates. The dogtor is impressed with my progress and said my vision is coming back now and I could keep my eyes for a lot longer! I really would love to be able to see my new family!

* I need a family who understands what it is like to have uncontrollable itchies thanks to something called allergies. Apparently, that’s what I have that makes me wanna scratch my skin by flailing myself all over the house. Benedryl didn’t help me, but I got this shot called Cytopint that did! It is about $75 a shot and I may need one every 4-8 weeks. Unless I get this thing called an allergy test and maybe then the dogtor can figure out what I am allergic to.

* I need a family who has done their research on Lyme Disease/Anaplasmosis and knows what to look for in case I should get sick

* I need a family who is willing to give me proper nutrition so I can continue to grow big and strong

* I need someone willing to work with me learning not to go potty in the house. Foster Mom says I have been doing better, but I am not quite pawfect yet.

* I need an energetic fursibling(s)! I am VERY energetic and LOVE to play!

Finnegan Royce’s WANTS:

* I am looking for a hooman(s) to give me tons of love and cuddles

* I would like to take walks and pawticipate in activities with other dogs to suit my charming personality

Could Finn be the right fit for you? Get your applications in today.

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