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Finnegan Royce

Meet Sir Finnegan Royce

Sir Finnegan Royce’s Happy Tail

Since joining our family, Finnegan continues to thrive. He’s a healthy weight, successfully potty trained, and we just can’t get over how great his eyes have been doing.

He still gets drops twice a day, but the production of tears in his right eye are phenomenal. We can’t wait to see the dogter next month to test again!

Finnegan successfully graduated beginners obedience training and while he nailed the leash walking, recall, and leave it classes, he absolutely refuses to sit on command haha!

Cuddling is his absolute favorite activity, he loves a good cheese bone and snacks! While some days his little sister Mercy drives him crazy (isn’t that what little sisters are for??), he loves to play and snuggle with her too. They’ve bonded so well.

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