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Happy Tails

Meet Princess Lola Maise

Adopted! Happy tail coming soon

Princess Lola Maise was surrendered to APR after she lost one eye and another eye was injured.  

  • Female fawn pug
  • 30 lbs
  • DOB approximately 2016
  • Available for adoption after evaluation of her eye injury

Princess Lola Maise’s Story

She was surrendered to a Virginian shelter when her family’s GSD dislodged her eye. Sadly, her the GSD had already taken her left eye and Lola became blind. 

From Lola’s New Furever Family
Lola has changed my life. 

This girl is filled with joy! Lola is the ultimate Velcro dog in several ways. She is always by my side, on my lap or at my feet. We participate in many outdoor activities including local live music concerts, afternoons at wineries, hanging out in the park eating ice cream(of course, her’s is a pup cup), craft festivals, neighborhood strolls, and even tubing and kayaking on the river.

No matter where we go, Lola draws great attention from all ages. I guess it’s more magnetism than Velcro. She is very special. I believe it is her infectious joy. Although, she cannot see, she welcomes new people and her tail is always wagging. Most don’t even notice she has no eyes and are surprised if it is mentioned.

Being blind does not limit her. Lola mapped out her new home within hours of arriving. She runs and plays in the yard without bonking her head on the fence. In true pug fashion, when Lola is finished walking she simply lies down. Luckily, she has a stroller, which she loves, to help her the rest of the way home. 

When Lola first arrived, because she can’t see, detecting the scent of another dog would send her into full attack mode even if the dog was far away. Introducing Lola to other dogs has been done very slowly and carefully. She no longer thinks all dogs are going to attack her. I’m thrilled to report she has made dog friends in the neighborhood and at wineries. She even takes naps curled up with a family member’s dog. 

For anyone considering adoption with APR, don’t hesitate. While the process is in-depth, APR is aware it can be a bit intrusive and does a wonderful job tempering it. They are fantastic matchmakers. Thank you APR for all you do and for gracing my life with Lola!

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