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In Memory of Luba Ruth

We are sad to report that despite all our efforts, Luba Ruth crossed the bridge on January 29, 2023.

From Luba Ruth’s Foster Mom

I had the honor of being Susu’s foster Mommy, even if only for a few way too short weeks. She came to us in such neglected and poor condition, looking skeletal but never losing her loving head tilts and gazes. She knew…. right away., that she found a place to rest, to take a long sigh and stretch out on the softest bed she has likely ever known.

She learned that food was there for her to enjoy, to savor, and nobody would take it away. We knew she had an issue and she went to the vet immediately. What looked like a UTI was something way worse, something that must have caused her so much pain. But she never complained. She loved, with every bit of her puggy self. 

She learned to play, enjoyed the little snow she found, loved the sunshine, but her favorite place was always near her people. She LOVED running for treats. 

She just loved. 

And yes, we loved her, as she found a place in out hearts immediately. Susu let us know she couldn’t fight any longer and it was time. When we realized that anything else we could try would just cause pain, and not result in any type of positive outcome, the decision had to be made. 

She left us with her favorite treats in her belly, my arms around her whispering how loved she is in her ears, and with my tears flowing. Susu was special, beautiful, loving, and well…. Just an amazing little puggy who apparently had a tough life. I know she is running with the others before her feeling great, as she left this side knowing what real true love is all about. 

Run free baby girl. I know you will always be close by… as will I.

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